Room Sanitization

The main purpose of the Hotel Plaza Catania is to offer its guests a room that is extremely clean, sanitized and decontaminated. For this reason, it was decided to implement the revolutionary ozone sanitization method for its rooms and common areas. They are all purified with each treatment, eliminating the bacterial load of the previous customers and restoring an uncontaminated environment, ready to welcome the new customer in total safety.

The sterilization system uses the unique powers of Ozone (certified worldwide), to sanitize environments in a natural, economic and ecological way.

Already used in situations where hygiene is vital, such as operating rooms, in the preservation of food products, in the purification of water, today with new technologies it is also possible to apply to our rooms to enhance the safety of our customers.

- In a short time, through 40 minutes per room, it penetrates deeply into all the fabrics (carpets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, towels), enters the air conditioning systems and the ventilation channels and all the drains destroying every microorganism that might be present.

Immediately after the use of ozone, the environment is completely sanitized, the area and surfaces are disinfected and sterilized, and it is always like being the first guest in the room.

Odors are also eliminated. In fact, the particles are naturally decomposed and replaced with pure oxygen.

The patented operating system attacks the various organic compounds by oxidizing and inactivating them (mites, fungi, molds, viruses, bacteria ...)

After the production and controlled maintenance of the right concentration of gas in the environment, the ozone generator provides for a catalysis phase during which there is the complete conversion of ozone into oxygen. This allows you to stay in the premises immediately after the treatment in full compliance with current regulations.